Dynamic Duo mark the “millenial!”

Massive shout to my brother Ton of the Dynamic Duo.  Ton has been doing mixes for us here since we launched.  His collection of reggae vinyl is endless and he has provided us with countless vinyl mixes over the past 2 years.  Here is one he cooked up especially for the millenial week.

Bless up Ton!  Thanks for hopping on board this Raver train!  Hope you stay on board.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!



Bob Andy Crucial Classics Mix (Dynamic Duo)

I cannot go through this week, where we celebrate our 1000th post to the blog, without paying respect to Bob Andy.  Mr. Andy contacted me only a few months after launching this site, told me that he really liked my style, and enlisted me to help him with some projects around the release of his new album.  It is the greatest honor I have experienced in 2+ years writing this blog.  A more humble, kind, and righteous man you will not find.  He has written and sang some of the great Jamaican classics, and he continues to record and perform around the world at 70 years of age.

To pay respect to Bob Andy I have included here a link to the very first piece I wrote about him in 2011.  Also included is a crucial mix of Andy’s classic vinyl cuts by our good friends the Dynamic Duo.  Big up Ton Van Arnhem, Fred ‘Reggaelover’ P and Dynamic Duo for the many outstanding mixes they have done for MIDNIGHT RAVER since the beginning.  Dynamic Duo will always have a home here at MIDNIGHT RAVER.


Addis Pablo Mix by Dynamic Duo

In anticipation of my interview with Addis Pablo, son of Augustus Pablo, here is an excellent mix put together by our friends the Dynamic Duo.  They have out done themselves with this mix!  Classic Rockers a go futuristic!  YOU CANNOT MISS THIS MIX!

Black Uhuru Vinyl Spotlight Mix (Dynamic Duo)

Our good friends the Dynamic Duo have done it once again with the wickedest Black Uhuru mix out deh!  If you love Uhuru like I do, this is like Christmas come early…

MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG Anniversary Mix (Dynamic Duo)

It is a pleasure to announce that the great mixologists ‘Dynamic Duo’ – who are responsible for the best Jamaican label mixes on the web – have made a killer mix to mark MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG’s first year.  The mix is a compilation of many of our favorite roots artists.  Please check them out on MIXCLOUD and don’t miss their most excellent Jamaican label mixes!

Big shout to Ton, Fred, and Jah Lion for all your crucial works!