CEDELLA MARLEY’S Midnight Raver Blog Millenium Mix

Our good friend Cedella Marley has blessed us with a playlist of her favorite tunes to recognize Midnight Raver Blog for the things we do to highlight the righteous works and historic life of her legendary father.  Cedella has been… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh: “Can’t Blame The Youth” campaign!

The Estate of Peter Tosh is running a campaign via social media platforms.  The 4 part campaign is under the banner of “Can’t Blame The Youth.” 1) Submissions: Fans from all over the world can submit their ideas to improve their… Continue Reading


Ziggy Marley Interview on CBS Early Show April 12, 2012

More Marley Movie Promo Great exposure for the film in the U.S.  It’s a shame there hasn’t been more promotion here. Ziggy Marley on “MARLEY” (2012) CBS Early Show April 12, 2012 Also Showing on Facebook!  Click HERE