MIDNIGHT RAVER talks with RoJah Steffens about going on tour with The Wailers

A MIDNIGHT RAVER/WORLD-A-REGGAE EXCLUSIVE! I  spoke recently with Wailers historian and “U.S. Reggae Ambassador to the World” Roger Steffens regarding his recent tour of North America with The Wailers – a tour in which the band is showcasing the classic album Survival to… Continue Reading


Rare Live Dub Session with Aston “Familyman” Barrett (2004)

Included here is a live dub session by Familyman featuring many of the hits that he co-wrote with Bob Marley.  Really nice sound on this one… (Photos courtesy of Lee Jaffe) ASTON “FAMILYMAN” BARRETT LIVE DUB SESSION, 2004 TRACKLIST: 1. Aston… Continue Reading