Garth Dennis “Slow Coach” / “Slow Coach Rock” 7-inch Vinyl

Here I present to you one of the great voices of reggae, and a dear friend to this blog.  Garth Dennis’ “Slow Coach”/”Slow Coach Rock,” on which Dennis is backed by The Wailers Band, was first released on the Andy’s… Continue Reading


Prince Junior “Girl For All Seasons”/”Version” (Deeper Knowledge) repress

I have been very impressed with the quality of reggae represses over the past 2 years.  Real quality roots reggae, pressed to decent vinyl, and sold at a very reasonable price.  This is one of the outstanding represses that Brooklyn’s… Continue Reading


Hugh Mundell “My, My” (Pablo International)

Readers of this blog know that I am a Hugh Mundell devotee and I collect anything and everything that has his name attached to it.  As a reggae collector, sometimes you just come across pure gold, and when you do,… Continue Reading


New Prince Far-I/Black Skin represes from Cry Tough/Pressure Sounds

I’ts always a pleasure to share with you new vinyl, mint represses of classic roots music.  I just received from Pressure Sounds in the UK the Prince Far-I “Frontline Speech”/”Version” 7 inch vinyl repress (Cry Tough) and Black Skin The Prophet’s… Continue Reading


ZM&MM “When The Light Gone Out”/”Version” (Alternate Mix)

I’m sharing with you a rare alternate mix of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers’ “When The Light Gone Out,” a stunning track off my favorite ZM&MM album ‘ONE BRIGHT DAY.  I’ve heaped so much praise on their first 2… Continue Reading


Marcia Griffiths “Hurting Inside” / “Still Hurting” (High Note) 7″ vinyl 45 rpm

Another recent addition to the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives by our friend Doctor Dread is the “Hurting Inside” 7″ vinyl 45 rpm, which was released in 1979 on the High Note label.  On the flip is the outstanding version titled “Still… Continue Reading


The Congos “Some Are Having Fun” 10-inch vinyl (Ariwa, 2002)

Today I’m sharing a BOMBTRACK!  The Congos “Some Are Having Fun” 10-inch vinyl on Ariwa Sounds (2002).  The vinyl rip to digital audio sounds amazing.  Toggle the quality button from 360p to 480p for best quality.  Make sure you have a good pair… Continue Reading