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Jesse Royal “Always Be Around” (Easy Star) 2017

Plus exclusive interview with Jesse Royal! Included here is the brand new single from Jesse Royal titled “Always Be Around,” which is the first single from his forthcoming album on Easy Star Records titled Lily of Da Valley. Hailing from Maroon Town and the Distric of Orange in...
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Bob Marley interviews London, Paris

Between 1977 and 1980, Bob Marley is interviewed no less than three times by UK rock journalist John Tobler. The first occurred in London 1977 while Marley was there in exile after his assassination attempt in December 1976. The second was in Paris in June 1978 to play...
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David Rodigan interviews Dennis Brown, 1984

Included here is Sir David Rodigan’s 1984 interview with Dennis Brown, which was broadcast on his radio show, Rodigan’s Roots Rockers on Capital Radio.  In my opinion, this is the best and most fascinating of Brown’s interviews. Rodigan’s Reggae can be heard on the airwaves on BBC Radio...
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Previously unreleased Peter Tosh interview (1984)

Included here is a previously unreleased interview with the great Peter Tosh.  Thom West interviews Peter Tosh in his room at the Georgian Terrace Hotel before his show at the Agora Ballroom in Atlanta And a fantastic recording of Peter’s show at the Agora courtesy of Dubwise Garage!
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Earliest known interview with Bob Marley (1972)

The earliest known interview with Bob Marley conducted by Canadian ethnomusicologist Bob Witmer at the Wailers Record Shop, Kingston, May 22, 1972 as part of his doctoral research project on the Jamaican music industry. The sound quality varies and is quite poor at times, but the interview is...
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