There are some songs which I come across in life that have forever impacted me as a fan of music. There are some songs which span all genres and speak to all people. The perfect combination of sounds and vibes in an energy that is just undeniably impactful. Songs through which you can experience a whole range of emotions if you just let go and allow for it.Songs which remind even the most cynical that life is still a thing of beauty.

Ijahman’s Haile I Hymn is a perfect album in every aspect – vocally, musically, lyrically. Four extended tracks, two per side, each of which epitomizes one’s search for spiritual rebirth. It doesn’t happen often but when it does you need to open your ears to it because it may not come again in your lifetime.

One of the greatest reggae recordings ever…period. Ijahman…Yet another testament to the genius and influence of Joe Higgs as vocal coach, de facto father, and spiritual guide. An assembly of the world’s best reggae musicians at Joe Gibbs’ studio in 1978 to record under one God, one Love, one vibe.Arranged by Ijahman and Geoffrey Chung. Featuring Winston Bowen and Earl “Chinna” Smith (guitars), Boo Richards and Sly Dunbar (drums), Robbie Shakespeare and Val Douglas (bass), Dirty Harry, Bobby Ellis, Herman Marquis (brass), Wya Lindo, Robbie Lyn, Tarzan, and Stevie Winwood (Compass Point). Engineered by Erroll Thompson and Flick Wilson with post-production, mixing and overdubs at Compass Point by Alex Sadkin and Steven Stanley.

ijahman1 001