Ras Kush Tribute to Jah Shaka Part I

Live and Direct from the Streamola archives we have resurrected Ras Kush’s Tribute to Jah Shaka Part I:  A Black Redemption Sound Selection Special.

In spring of 1999 Ras Kush of Black Redemption Sounds of Praises took it upon himself to emancipate and educate the massive with a full-on tribute to the Zulu Warrior himself – The Mighty Jah Shaka, who I have profiled several times here at MIDNIGHT RAVER, including my own Shaka Selectors’ Choice Mix back in 2013.

One session.

Three parts.

Ras Kush in session…


Reggae MD, Good For You

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Midnight Dread Conquers California Radio Years Ahead January 25th-26th, 1981

Listen up


“Now everywhere is War!”

“It’s up to you to not heed the Call Up!”


“Come on all Rude Boys unite
Stop That Train because
every morning you meet at the Bus Stop
but you know not where you’re goin’
or what you’re doin’
’cause you only see the clock on the wall
because you have to go to work
to work for your boss
who rule you and use you for a wage
from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday
all over the world
livin’ in fear of losin’ your job
because you don’t know the value which is in you
therefore you become somebody’s tool
so come on Rude Boys
let’s catch that Train To Skaville!”


The Beauty of God’s Plan, Happiness, No Woman No Cry, Jah Children Cry*, Cry Tough, Zappata*, The Call Up Version*, Rude Boy Train, Walk The Proud Land*, Stop That Train, Train To Skaville*, Fidel Castro, If You See My Mary*, Up On The Roof Strictly Roots*, I Need A Roof, Doorkeeper*, Jumping Masters*, War, Live Right*, Gates of Zion*

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The Hoovers versus Skanking Babylonians at the Savoy Tivoli’s Superbowl Skank-Off in San Francisco’s North Beach with Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band along with The Sir Douglas Quintet nearby at the Old Waldorf. A new album from Mikey Dread milks one amazing rhythm. The dread bits mash it up and flow freely. Monday morning looms. Just another anxious night in the early Reggaeighties… and things are about to get even dreader

*MD debuts



Last time’s 33 years ahead program. Dreadcasting over the air since 1979 & online since 1996 dreader 21st Century Midnight Dread programs air daily at 12am including replays often heard in his Best of All Worlds high noon slot and where one can also become conscious at 6am with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising, all curated by Doug everyday, all times Pacific. Many more Midnight Dread sights & sounds here and on this blog’s Midnight Dread page. Go deh. All of dem.


MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Jah Shaka Steppers Mix

Believe me when I tell you, Jah Shaka is the wickedest selectah in the game, and has been for many, many years.  No other selectah/DJ/Sound System can compete with Shaka’s high intensity sound, relentless, driving riddims, and his own personal “WARRIOR STYLE.”  I was lucky enough to catch a Shaka appearance in the mid-1990s when he was on tour in the US and it was the best experience I’ve had at a reggae show.

This composer, musician, singer, mixing engineer, producer, record label owner, and the operator of the heaviest roots/dub sound system in the world just recently received the BRITISH REGGAE INDUSTRY award for the BEST BRITISH SOUND SYSTEM category – 2013.

I could go on about Shaka because his style of roots music is the exact style of reggae that I vibe with the most.  So as you listen I think you will be able to hear wear I get my own ear for reggae.


Echoes 27Mar76o


Prince Junior “Girl For All Seasons”/”Version” (Deeper Knowledge) repress

I have been very impressed with the quality of reggae represses over the past 2 years.  Real quality roots reggae, pressed to decent vinyl, and sold at a very reasonable price.  This is one of the outstanding represses that Brooklyn’s Deeper Knowledge is responsible for.

Prince Junior’s self-produced “Girl For All Seasons” is originally released circa 1980 on 12″ and LP.  Deeper Knowledge pressed it for the very first time to 7″ vinyl. Great heavy roots lovers, as played back in the day by and specially requested on dubplate by Jah Shaka. This one a mad Shaka steppas anthem….

A Rare Live Performance from Jah Shaka (Video)

Jah Shaka has been operating a South East London-based, roots reggae Jamaican sound system since the early 1970s. Shaka stayed true to his spiritual and distinct musical style during the 1980s when many other Sound Systems had started to follow the Jamaican trend towards playing less orthodox styles tending towards slack dancehall music.  The Jah Shaka Sound System continues to appear regularly in London, with occasional tours of the United States, Europe and Japan.  On his own record label he has released music from Jamaican artists such as Max Romeo, Johnny Clarke, Bim Sherman and Prince Alla as well as UK groups such as Aswad and Dread & Fred.  He has released a number of dub albums, often under the Commandments of Dub banner.  Artists featured on more recent releases include both established singers like Tony Tuff, and new emerging artists like Rockaway and Principle – who have sung over riddims produced by his son Malachi, known as Young Warrior.
Shaka has also established the Jah Shaka Foundation to carry out assistance with projects in Ghana, where the foundation has bought 7 acres of land in Agri, thirty miles outside of Accra.  It has also managed to distribute medical supplies, wheelchairs, library books, carpentry tools, drawing materials and records to clinics, schools and radio stations in the Accra area establishing important links with the local communities.  Shaka himself was actually a youth worker years ago, and has regularly been quoted encouraging youths to study geography and history so they know “whats happened, where it’s happening and who’s doing it”.
I have featured the work of Jah Shaka here before, most notably an album with Aswad called Jah Shaka Meets Aswad in Addis Ababa Studio.