Arise Black Man: The Peter Tosh Story

Arise Black Man: The Peter Tosh Story was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 FM November 23, 2010. Peter Tosh found international fame alongside Bob Marley as a member of The Wailers.  As a solo artist he released several landmark… Continue Reading


Bob Marley is “a black Bob Dylan without a motorcycle accident”

Bob Marley is “a black Bob Dylan without a motorcycle accident”  proclaims journalist IDRIS WALTERS in this editorial published in the May 24, 1975 issue of SOUNDS in which THE WAILERS’ NATTY DREAD is compared to THE BEATLES’ SGT. PEPPERS… Continue Reading


Cedella Marley appointed ambassador for the National Women’s Football Program

Our good friend Cedella Marley has been appointed ambassador for the Jamaican National Women’s Football Program.  Football was such an integral part of her father’s life.  If Bob was not rehearsing, recording, or performing, he was playing football.  As Marley… Continue Reading


Dermot Hussey speaks with Midnight Raver about his 1974 interview with Bob Marley

Our good friend Dermot Hussey, who hosts his bi-weekly RIFFIN’ webcast and archives here at MIDNIGHT RAVER, interviewed his friend Bob Marley for the first time in 1974.  While the interview has been labeled 1975 ever since I’ve had a… Continue Reading


Five things you did not know about The Heptones

1.  The Heptones hit single “Fatty, Fatty,” while banned in Jamaica, became a huge hit in England.  However, since Ken Boothe was Studio One’s “golden child,” Coxsone issued the UK 7″ under his name.  The British fans never knew it… Continue Reading