Keith Brown “Dreadlocks Lady”/”Lady Dub” (Summer Records) 12″

Here we have a heavy rockers 12″ featuring Keith Brown on “Dreadlocks Lady.” Seriously rare 12″ from Jerry Brown’s Summer Records label out of Toronto, CA. Several well-known Jamaican musicians retreated to Toronto in the mid-1970s when Jamaica got too… Continue Reading


Earth, Roots and Water

Innocent Youths by Earth, Roots and Water was the first long player released on Jerry Brown’s Summer Records imprint, hitting the emerging Toronto reggae marketplace in 1977. In 2008, the original LP is virtually extinct, a highly coveted and extremely… Continue Reading


BoJangles/Mighty Two “Prophesy Reveal”/”Fullfillment” (Errol T) 1977

1977, the that the two sevens clash.  This rare 7″ contains the DJ version to Culture’s “Two Sevens Clash,” a reference to the prophecies of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  On the flip side is the phenomenal version titled “Fulfillment,” produced by… Continue Reading


Noel Ellis (Self-titled showcase album debut) 1983

I get a kick out of introducing people to rare, even obscure, reggae records they have never heard, and this one is a stunner. Noel Ellis is the son of legendary Studio One/Treasure Isle recording artist Alton Ellis, and this… Continue Reading