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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Jacob Miller

“If reggae lost its soul when Marley died, it lost its heart when Miller died.”  – Jah Raver Jacob Matthias Miller is one of reggae’s greatest treasures.  In addition to being one of reggae’s most talented vocalists, he brought an unmatched energy and an excitement to reggae.  His...
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“On behalf of Peter Tosh”

A contribution from MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Glen Lockley Back in January 2006, whilst scrolling through the latest Peter Tosh listings on eBay, I spotted a copy of Maga Dog on the Jogibs label. Although I already owned an example of that particular pressing, some handwriting down the left-hand side...
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Rare Eek-A-Mouse single

Here is a digital transfer of “Once A Virgin”/”Modelling Queen.”  My copy was pressed to the Joe Gibbs Ultrasound label and released in 1981.  Killer, killer early Eek-A-Mouse wizardry with with solid production from the Mighty Two.  The version titled “Modelling Queen” is just incredible.  I love what...
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Dennis Brown interviewed by Roger Steffens (Post #1000!)

Sunset Marquis Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA November 11,1982 There were many opportunities available to us for the #1000 posting.  There are two interviews in particular that I considered posting, exclusives with some very prominent artists who we have not heard from in a while, but I have...
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