EXCLUSIVE! Midnight Dread’s Peter Tosh Tribute Show, September 1987

MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG Co-Editor and world renown reggae broadcaster MIDNIGHT DREAD has allowed us to share a piece of reggae radio history tonight.  On September 15, 1987, just 4 days after Peter Tosh was brutally slain in his home, Midnight… Continue Reading


The Speech Jamaica Forgot

Tosh’s One Love Peace Concert performance overlooked Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer Peter Tosh is renown and revered for a number of songs, many with rebellious bent. Among Tosh’s better known tracks are Legalise It, Fight Apartheid, Stepping Razor, Equal Rights, Creation and… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh: Live at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, August 22, 1983

Today we take a look at one of Tosh’s most famous performances outside Jamaica – Greek Theatre, 1983.  This lively performance, which is preceded by an opening set by Dennis Brown, was captured on audio and video and released as Peter Tosh… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh Interview, Los Angeles, CA (August, 1983) by Eric Olsen

More vital knowledge from Peter! Article Author: Eric Olsen Career media professional Eric Olsen is honored to be the founder and former publisher of Blogcritics.org, and former publisher of Technorati.com, which both rule. He is now editor, co-founder, and CEO… Continue Reading