Album Pick of the Week: ‘Legalize It’ by Peter Tosh

This week’s album selection is, in my humble opinion, the best-produced reggae album ever recorded.  That is a bold statement when one considers the quality of the albums recorded by each of the three Wailers members.  When I interviewed Bob… Continue Reading


Steel Pulse “Handsworth Revolution” / “Revolution Version”

This right here is a first.  Unless you are in possession of one of Steel Pulse’s 12-inch singles, which are fairly rare to come by, you have probably never heard a Steel Pulse dub track.  I’m not sure why they… Continue Reading


Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence” 7-inch Original Press Vinyl (Solomonic) 1976

Included here is something special.  Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence” (Solomonic) 1976 7″ original press vinyl 45rpm.  Most will know this tune as “Fighting Against Conviction” from the Blackheart Man album, which many consider to be the greatest reggae album ever pressed. … Continue Reading


“Anti-Apartheid”/”Solidarity” Bunny Wailer (Peter Tosh on melodica) 1975

“Anti-Apartheid” is a tune recorded in the summer of 1975 as part of the ‘Solomonic Reggae Star Peter Tosh’ project.  Produced by Bunny Wailer and recorded at Aquarius by Karl Pitterson, this tune features the almost impossible talents of Peter… Continue Reading