Exodus/ Kaya “Scratch” Vocal Demos

This widely distributed demo tape has circulated for years as the “Exodus/Kaya ‘Scratch’ Vocal Demos (Neville Garrick Source)”.  I know for a fact that it was circulating under this name as early as 2008, which is the year I obtained it.  What you have on this tape are 10 demo tracks from the Exodus and Kaya sessions with excellent sound quality.

It appears that this set of recordings is mislabeled, as I recently discussed the origin of the tape with Marley archivist Roger Steffens:

“In August of 1988, after Sunsplash that year, I visited Junior Marvin at his home next door to 56 Hope Road, the Tuff Gong Headquarters, in Kingston.  He allowed me to copy several tapes that day, including the one that had the tracks listed below.”

So based on Roger’s comments, it appears that Junior Marvin actually liberated these demos, with Roger making them available en masse for the fans.

I have included them here for download.  Most collectors and die-hard fans already own these.  They are well worth the download if you don’t have them yet.

Exodus/Kaya Scratch Vocal Demos
Lineage:SBD>?>CDR(x)>Flac 6 (asb)

01-Misty Morning 4:03
02-Easy Skanking 3:13
03-Is This Love 4:14
04-Jamming 3:34
05-Exodus 7:54
06-She’s Gone 4:23
07-Waiting in Vain 4:50
08-Turn Your Lights Down Low 3:59
09-Running Away 4:19
10-Time Will Tell 3:39


Give thanks to Roger Steffens for taking the time to comment on this issue and for always sharing what he has with the fans.  You can visit Roger’s archives online at http://www.reggaesupersite.com/.

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