Reggae MD, Good For You

Now ear this. A new full-time full up stream for Midnight & All-Day Ravers: After many months, & special tests Doug Wendt presents a special tonic & degree,
 Extra something guaranteed, recipe balanced carefully, FDA I-proved, Reggae MD Vital vinyl,… Continue Reading


Ken Boothe, Max Romeo at Wackies

Ken Boothe’s 1977 song titled “Stop This World” is a powerful tune.  Written by Boothe, arranged by Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes, produced by Maurice Jackson, and played brilliantly by the Bullwackies All-Stars, “Stop This World” showcases the raw power of Boothe’s… Continue Reading


Five things you did not know about The Heptones

1.  The Heptones hit single “Fatty, Fatty,” while banned in Jamaica, became a huge hit in England.  However, since Ken Boothe was Studio One’s “golden child,” Coxsone issued the UK 7″ under his name.  The British fans never knew it… Continue Reading


Rock Steady To Life with Midnight Dread #35 asking Who Slew Scratch’s Chicken?

33 years ahead sounds from sun up to sundown as Midnight Dread plays Desmond in the marketplace along with enough rock steady and one of the last great tracks ever recorded at Lee Perry’s Black Ark Washington Garden studios in… Continue Reading


Natty Dread Uptown Love Fire Cancelled? Midnight Dread #32 Fights Back Uncorked

33 years ahead Midnight Dread has just learned its station KTIM is being sold. What to do? Produce the finest program ever as if it’s the last. Hit the airwaves hard and ask for calls where truth can be told… Continue Reading


Jack Ruby’s Hi-Fi (Auralux) 1981

What we have here is a full showcase-style dyed in the wool stormer. Ruby is the infamous producer linked to the Ocho Rios – Sound of Saint Anns, best known perhaps for his production associations with Burning Spear around the start of… Continue Reading


Keith Hudson And The Art Of ‘Rasta Communication’

Please visit World-A-Reggae to check out my profile of dub giant Keith Hudson and my review of the Greensleeves re-issue of ‘Rasta Communication.’ I also recommend checking out author Vincent Ellis’ site featuring his two books about this legendary Jamaican… Continue Reading