Exclusive! “MARLEY” (2012) Opening Sequence

If you haven’t seen it yet, well, it’s all your fault.  If you are a fan, the movie was released on Facebook, Itunes, On-Demand, and in theaters, so there really is no excuse.

While you’re here, take a look at the enthralling opening sequence, which includes rare footage of Bob Marley and the Wailers performing in Boston 1978.

“Marley” (2012) Opening Sequence



“MARLEY” Film 2012 Premiere Worldwide Today! Where Will You Watch?

The wait is over… Bob Marley Movie is now available on Facebook, iTunes and On Demand!  Where will you watch it?

Facebook: http://bit.ly/MARLEYonFacebook
iTunes: http://bit.ly/MmovieIt
On Demand: https://bitly.com/MARLEYvod


Exclusive Clip From “MARLEY” (2012) Film

Neville Garrick and Rita Marley On Bob’s Escape From Jamaica in December 1976

Neville Garrick 2012

Neville w/ Bob, London, 1977


Ziggy Marley on Bob Marley’s ‘Other Women’ (“Marley” 2012 Film)

Ziggy Marley on Bob Marley‘s ‘Other Women’


April 17, 2012

Ziggy Marley recently sat down for a candid chat with the Insider’s Kevin Frazier to talk about the upcoming first-ever family authorized documentary on the life of Bob Marley, simply titled Marley.
According to Ziggy, the most sensitive part of the documentary was the handling of the extramarital affairs of his father.
“There were parts where I was like ‘Kevin [Kevin Macdonald, the director of Marley], listen you know, we have to keep things in perspective and make sure that my mother is respected in this thing,'” Ziggy says. “My mother is his wife. … No matter what had happened, my mother and father, there was a love there because they started from the dirt and they began when he had nothing. There’s something between them that I didn’t want to belittle with the whole aspect of the other women he had in his life, because they had something very special.”
As for the lingering questions surrounding his legendary father’s untimely death at the age of 36, and if it could have been prevented, Ziggy shares that although he has “other theories,” ultimately he has accepted it.
“Again it goes back to fate and what we believe, and the idea of what is to be must be, and the concept that life is beyond the physical,” he reflects. “So he’s still here in a lot of ways, even more so than when he was here physically. It is what it is you know, and we have to accept that without question… but there’s some other theories I’ll explore later on though,” he laughs.
Check out the video to hear what Ziggy’s relationship was like with his late father.
Marley hits theaters and On Demand April 20, with the film’s soundtrack releasing April 17.