…and even more Tosh tour dates!

Tosh played the Key West Fantasy Fest Carnival ’82 on October 29, 1982.  Jimmy Cliff canceled.



Tosh plays an unknown venue in El Paso, TX on July 21, 1983


According to one of our readers, Scott Schaffer, he saw Peter Tosh on October 9, 1982 at the Tampa Fronton (Jai-Alai). The show is advertised as FANTASMA PRODUCTIONS PRESENT AT TAMPA FRONTON  PETER TOSH & JIMMY CLIFF.


He says:
“It was a great show. However, Jimmy Cliff did not play.  It was the end of the Wanted Dread or Alive tour and if I remember correctly, Santa Davis, George “Fully” Fullwood, Donald Kinsey made up most of the band.  Tosh puffed on a pipe throughout and fans were standing at the front of the stage holding up large buds for Peter but he did not take any (that I saw).  I was 16 at the time and this experience really blew me away.  It was entertaining, spiritual and militant!  “