Lee “Scratch” Perry Interview: Politics, The Illuminati and Reggae’s ‘Second Revolution’

Anyone who loves either Reggae or Dub knows that neither would be possible without Lee Scratch Perry. Known for his innovative use of recording equipment to create unique sounds, but above all else his unpredictable behaviour, Scratch holds a special… Continue Reading


Raver Reviews: “Black Ark Vampires,” Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System

Lee Perry’s murky Black Ark era vibes meet Subatomic’s Brooklyn beats and bass pressure on this battle cry in an all out war on vampires. Legendary percussionist Larry McDonald and vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore throw extra pepper in the pot. Fiyah… Continue Reading


HELP! Lee “Scratch” Perry in need of giant gorilla!

Lee “Scratch” Perry needs giant inflatable gorilla for performances of “Super Ape” album on Dub Champions Festival USA tour https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subatomic/1837080708?token=99bc6436 To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Lee “Scratch” Perry’s “Super Ape”, one of the crowning achievements of dub and reggae… Continue Reading


God is Black and He Looks Like Lee “Scratch” Perry

Included here is my Lee “Scratch” Perry selectors choice mix.  It includes exclusive live material, vintage vinyl, and much more.  Unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! 1. Live set feat. Lee Perry, Subatomic Sound System, Adrian Sherwood, Addis Pablo, Larry… Continue Reading


Sam Carty “Bird In Hand”/”Happy Roots”/”Upsetting Rhythm 2” (Black Art)

Lest anyone doubt the mad genius of Lee “Scratch” Perry they need only listen to “Milte Hi Ankhen” aka“Bird In Hand” by Sam Carty.  The hauntingly mystifying tune, which was originally released on the Return of the Super Ape LP,… Continue Reading


Top 10 Lee “Scratch” Perry records from my collection!

PLUS LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY IN AMSTERDAM, 1980! Ten crucial Lee “Scratch” Perry selections from my vinyl collection… Junior Murvin’s “Tedious” appears on the landmark Black Ark LP POLICE AND THIEVES.  It was released as a 7″ single on the Orchid,… Continue Reading