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Five things you did not know about The Heptones

1.  The Heptones hit single “Fatty, Fatty,” while banned in Jamaica, became a huge hit in England.  However, since Ken Boothe was Studio One’s “golden child,” Coxsone issued the UK 7″ under his name.  The British fans never knew it was The Heptones’ song. 2. An accomplished guitar...
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Wackies 7s. 10s, and 12s

Here are more Wackies selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  I’m a mad Wackies collector so if anyone is looking to unload any originals hit me at midnightraverblog@gmail.com. Wackies always had the most soulful female singers.  More than any other label, Wackies represented female singers always and every...
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Trinity: New for 2013 w/ mix

Trinity is back once again with the hotness for the summer 2013.  First off, he dazzles on the new Dub Club Various Artists compilation titled ‘Foundation Come Again’ with his tune “Rolling Stone,” which is heads and shoulders above any other track in the mix.  Check it seriously. ...
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R. Zee Jackson “Play On” (Rio)

R. Zee Jackson (also known as Esso Jaxxon or Castro Pink) spent his early childhood in Clarendon and Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica. In 1973 he went to the United States on a cultural exchange program – working in summer camps and in 1975 he migrated to Canada....
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Heptones ‘Cool Rasta’ (Trojan)

Nobody does it quite like The Heptones.  True Rasta sympathizers.  This album STAYS on rotation in the BASS-ment and has since I got it in 1996.  “Cool Rasta Cool…sit back and meditate.” Don’t miss track 3 “Peace & Harmony” “I would like to live free and easy, Knowing...
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