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Wackies 7s. 10s, and 12s

Here are more Wackies selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  I’m a mad Wackies collector so if anyone is looking to unload any originals hit me at midnightraverblog@gmail.com. Wackies always had the most soulful female singers.  More than any other label, Wackies represented female singers always and every...
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AIRES Records 7″ killers

The AIRES label is one of several subsidiary imprints of Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes’ Wackies Music label.  The AIRES pressings are hard to find, and if you are lucky enough to come across them they are usually very expensive.  These singles are pressed on heavy vinyl, which adds a...
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Chosen Brothers “March Down Babylon” plus Version (Wackies)

Another heavy, heavy roots tune from Wackies House of Music.  Would you expect anything different from Bullwackie?  Heaviest riddims on the planet.  Harder than the best.  Roots reggae done inna NYC stylee. Recognize the riddim?  “Handsworth Revolution“ aka “Revolution” riddim by Steel Pulse slowed to a crawl.
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Bullwackies in New York (Documentary)

A fascinating documentary about one of the top ranking labels in the game.  A time and place in ‘dis ya iwa’ called Bullwackies.  Wackies gets much love and respect from the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG every time!  This documentary captures perfectly the sound and vibe that was Wackies.  This...
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If you were blessed enough to grow up on the east coast, as I was, then you were spoonfed Wackies.  I find with most people that they either feel the Wackies vibration,these are the precious few that Jah decided to smile upon.  If you were someone who just could not vibe...
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