Aston Barrett, L.A. Times, November 2, 1984

Happy Birthday ‘Family Man!’ from everyone here at the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG!  Thanks for the many years of deadly riddims and poritive vibes! To read our recent interview with Family Man CLICK HERE… Here is an article by Don Snowden that was… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh: Live at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, August 22, 1983

Today we take a look at one of Tosh’s most famous performances outside Jamaica – Greek Theatre, 1983.  This lively performance, which is preceded by an opening set by Dennis Brown, was captured on audio and video and released as Peter Tosh… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh: Roxy 1979/1981

Over the next week, I will be sharing Peter Tosh archives every day in honor of Peter and in commemoration of his untimely death, which occurred on September 11, 1987.  On September 11, 2012, I will share a rare interview… Continue Reading