Why Marley’s performance at Smile Jamaica matters

“Me always in exile. Fe me Rastaman is man in exile. I am known in Jamaica and ’em shoot after me but nobody don’t know who me kept it a secret. Somebody shoot after me. Me not afraid a people… Continue Reading


DocJah’s Shockers! Wally Brown “Joshua Send Back The Rod” (Magnet) 1975

It is in 1962 that Michael Manley, head of the Peoples National Party in Jamaica, has ambitions for the job of Prime Minister of Jamaica.  A self-described “man of the people,” Manley begins courting blacks, to include Rastafarians.  Manley convenes… Continue Reading


“Eventide Fire A Disaster” General Echo / Barrington Levy (7″ vinyl)

“Eventide Fire A Disaster” is a powerful dancehall smash hit produced by Junjo Lawes which describes a horrific fire in an elderly home that killed 153 elderly women. The cause of the blaze was never officially determined. However, there were… Continue Reading


Natty Dread Makes History: One Love Peace Concert, 1978 Part II

It’s January 1978 and Jamaica’s political parties The Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) headed by Edward Seaga, and Michael Manley‘s People’s National Party (PNP) are engaged in a bloody political civil war. Upon his election as Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1972, Michael… Continue Reading