Bob Marley Tour & Ras Michael Info in REGGAE NEWS Vol. 2 No. 3 & 4 late 1979

Following in the footsteps of former REGGAE NEWS North America’s Strictly Reggae News Service Editor Scott Piering, who was instrumental in first bringing Bob Marley & The Wailers live to San Francisco in Oct. 1973, I took the helm of… Continue Reading


Bob Marley & The Wailers’ San Francisco Roots – SF Chronicle May 17, 1981

Pop music critic for the San Francisco Chronicle Joel Selvin wrote and published this column in the newspaper’s Sunday Entertainment tabloid magazine style ‘Pink Section’ the week Bob passed in May 1981. Joel reviewed most of Bob’s local live concerts… Continue Reading


“Correction For Bob Marley” Entertainment Eyes June 1981

In the spring of 1981 many printed journals were bordering on, if not outright, exploitative as “So Much Things To Say” rumors about Bob Marley’s health spread far and wide whether largely inaccurate or not. A prime example is this… Continue Reading


Rocky Mountain ‘Reggae Is The Rage!’ May 1976 Boulder, Colorado news magazine

Bob Marley makes the cover of the 16 page Volume 1 Number 6 monthly edition of the Rocky Mountain Musical Express, ‘The Rockies’ Largest Selling Music Newspaper’, because “Colorado & Texas, two states seemingly forever caught in a country western… Continue Reading


“NO WOMAN NO CRY The Life of Bob Marley” 1981 booklet by Dr. G. K. Osei

Here’s the cover and one of the scarce photos reproduced inside. First issued by The African Publication Society in London in September 1981 and written by Professor of African History Dr. G. K. Osei. The 44 page booklet is 5… Continue Reading


1981 Class magazine “The Legend of Bob Marley” NYC Sept. – Oct.

Here’s the cover and a rare great photo of Bob by Lisa Dubois contained within. The 68 page magazine is 5 1/2 inch by 7 3/4 inches. From main text on cover: Souvenir Edition, Second Anniversary Issue, International Class Caribbean-Latin-African-(American)… Continue Reading