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Jah Raver’s MIDNITE Massacre Vol. II

Included here is Jah Raver’s MIDNITE Massacre Vol. II, a crucial mix featuring plenty of Jah Raver’s top MIDNITE selections!  When it comes to MIDNITE Jah Raver don’t play…We are talking about a group who, over their amazing 25-year career, released the most astounding catalog of roots reggae...
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Raver’s Top Ten Midnite albums

A reader recently emailed me and asked what were my favorite Midnite albums. I had never really thought about it like that before.  However, first allow me to explain why I livicate so much blog space to Midnite/Akae Beka.  When Midnite first emerged on the scene in Washington,...
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Early Midnite live performance (2003)

Big up Nyabinghi Drum News for bringing us this most crucial vintage performance from Midnite.  Historical t’ing here…Notice the difference in Vaughn Benjamin’s stage presence inna the early days. Ron Benjamin is the same Ron…happiest man in the room! What a live and raucus show though. WOW… And...
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Raver Virgin Islands Reggae Specials: Reggae Kulture Show

Jah Raver takes the controls at New Zealand’s Reggae Kulture Radio Show to highlight the best of reggae from the US Virgin Islands.  These sets include exclusive live material, album cuts, vinyl selections and more from the likes of Midnite, Pressure Busspipe, Army, Danny-I, Tuff Lion, Dezarie, Taj...
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Dezarie Live and Dread: A live selections playlist

Included here are twelve deadly live selections from Dezarie backed by Ron Benjamin and Midnite.  The selections are from two shows performed in northern California in 2009 and 2010.  The audio was brilliantly captured by our friend NomoTrouble, who has captured countless hours of Virgin Islands reggae performances...
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From Zion High to Zion I Kings: The Evolution of King David

jah d
As co-founding member of Zion High Productions and bassist for Zion I Kings, David “Jah D” Goldfine is one of modern roots’ most ardent and respected torch-bearers. Along with I Grade Records and Lustre Kings, Zion High has been the catalyst behind one of the most fascinating transformational...
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Raver Reviews: Ten Best U.S. Reggae Albums

The US reggae scene is as rich with talent as it has ever been and the world is starting to take notice. Just consider the fact that US reggae acts have taken the Itunes Reggae Album of the Year award six of the past seven years. Now lets...
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