Mill Henry feat. Clive Field Marshall “Come On and Rock Me” 12″ (Wackies)

I was lucky enough to come across this rare Wackies 12″ in superb condition.  Great sound from Wackies as always.  Mill Henry AKA Milton Henry has my pick for the best reggae album of 2013, the Roberto Sanchez-produced Branches and… Continue Reading


MIDNIGHT RAVER’S exclusive interview with Roberto Sanchez of A-Lone Productions

Simply put, Roberto Sanchez is the best producer in the game right now.  If you doubt that, just pick up any one of his recent productions, albums like Earl Zero’s And God Said To Man Showcase, Alpheus’ From Creation, or… Continue Reading


Crown Dem Kings

Milton Henry and Roberto Sanchez have collaborated on the best album of 2013, and one of the best albums of the new millenium. Milton Henry is a very lucky man.  Maybe the luckiest man in the business right now.  Not… Continue Reading


Milton Henry: ‘Who Do You Think He Is’

Wackies recording artist Milton Henry made his solo debut in 1985 with the soulful ‘Who Do You Think I Am,’ produced by Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes.  Any Wackies devoteé will tell you it is by far one of the best albums… Continue Reading


Milton Henry & Upsetters “This World” / “Midious Serenade”

PLUS MILTON HENRY IN THE BLACK ECHOES ARCHIVES! Heavy, heavy dread vibes from the Black Ark.  Milton Henry, who just released a new 12″ produced by Roberto Sanchez on Iroko Records, is perhaps best known for his Wackies classic “Who… Continue Reading