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New Tosh Tour Date Documented by MIDNIGHT RAVER

Peter Tosh w/ Ernie Smith, Carlene Davis Live at Place Des nations, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 24, 1980 Here is a review of the show published in the July 26, 1980 edition of the Montreal Gazette.  The date has been added to the Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry...
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Rude boy gone a foreign

That’s right.  The Raver is scouring the streets of one of the great American cities this week…Montreal, steady looking for that vintage vinyl.  Seriously, it is shocking how much American culture dominates this French-Canadian territory.  I mean, just like America, the people are rude-as-shit, hippies begging for cash...
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Tosh fans riot in Montreal, October 13, 1981

Here is a concert review for Peter Tosh’s performance at the St. Denis Theatre in Montreal, CA on October 13, 1981.  The article, dated October 18, 1981, was published in the Lethbridge Herald. CLICK TO READ IN OUR DIGITAL DOCUMENT LIBRARY…
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