Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry Update

Based on our research, and with the help of a few friends, the Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry has confirmed and registered the following tour dates, which were previously undocumented.  Please contact us at midnightraverblog@gmail.com if you know of a date… Continue Reading


Dermot Hussey’s ‘Riffin’ Live Stream

Starting today, the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG will provide a weekly link-up to DERMOT HUSSEY”S ‘Riffin, a live stream which “follows the footprint that reggae blazed, and explores the musical genres it has impacted, be it Brazilian, African, South American, European and beyond.’” DERMOT HUSSEY can… Continue Reading


…and even more Tosh tour dates!

Tosh played the Key West Fantasy Fest Carnival ’82 on October 29, 1982.  Jimmy Cliff canceled. Tosh plays an unknown venue in El Paso, TX on July 21, 1983 According to one of our readers, Scott Schaffer, he saw Peter Tosh… Continue Reading


Pick of the Week: Peter Tosh Live and Dangerous (Boston, 1976)

One of my very favorite Tosh performances, and one of the best live reggae recordings I’ve ever heard, the intro jamdown clocks in at over 5:00 and is pure vibe and genius – the best opening to any Tosh show, period.  I assume… Continue Reading