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Bob Marley, One Love Peace Concert, April 22, 1978

Just cannot go through the day today without recalling what is perhaps Bob Marley’s greatest performance, and maybe one of the best performances for any live musical artist ever. I’m speaking over course about the One Love Peace Concert, which was held on April 22, 1978. Included here...
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Dennis Brown live at the One Love Peace Festival (1978)

As part of the April 22, 1978 One Love Peace Concert festivities, Dennis Brown performed live on the Sav-la-Mar stage at the Landillo Cultural Center in Westmoreland in front of a small crowd of fans and festival-goers.  A clip of his performance is featured in the film Heartland Reggae....
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The Howard Moo Young Bob Marley Collection

Artist and photographer Howard MooYoung is making available for the first time ever his iconic Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer drawings along with his historic photographs of Bob Marley’s legendary performance at the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston, JA on April 22, 1978. “After 35...
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Bob Marley: One Love Peace Concert 1978 (Re-Up!)

Here we have a rarely circulated article and interview with Bob Marley published in Gig magazine, Vol. 4, 1978.  The interview and article focus primarily on Marley’s now-historic performance at the One Love Peace Concert – an out-of-body/out-of-mind performance that is almost otherworldly, a supernatural soul sacrifice. To...
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The Speech Jamaica Forgot

Tosh’s One Love Peace Concert performance overlooked Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer Peter Tosh is renown and revered for a number of songs, many with rebellious bent. Among Tosh’s better known tracks are Legalise It, Fight Apartheid, Stepping Razor, Equal Rights, Creation and Johnny B Goode. However, there is one track,...
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