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Peter Broggs’ debut recording

We continue to highlight the life and career of the great Peter Broggs who passed away on December 19, 2015.  Today we have a listen to Broggs’ very first recording.  “Trouble” was produced by Bim Sherman and features Broggs (recording under his birth name “Henry James”) toasting over a...
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Peter Broggs live, British Columbia (video)

I’m saddened to announce that the great Peter Broggs has passed. Peter was one of DC’s most recognizable reggae figures – a man with one of the truest, most authentically rootikal discographies in reggae. Included here is video of Peter Broggs performing live at Gibsons, British Columbia. Not...
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The Cool Ruler on MIDNIGHT RAVER

Here is a great story by Mel Cooke relating The Cool Ruler to the Steppin’ Razor which was published in the Gleaner on October 27, 2010. The Studio 38 series, started in January on the grounds of Pulse’s Trafalgar Road, New Kingston, headquarters, gave audiences a rare chance...
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Reggae MD, Good For You

Now ear this. A new full-time full up stream for Midnight & All-Day Ravers: After many months, & special tests Doug Wendt presents a special tonic & degree,
 Extra something guaranteed, recipe balanced carefully, FDA I-proved, Reggae MD Vital vinyl, unique mixes, carefully selected, all ages, covers &...
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