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Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers .. 1972

hi dear readers, We are pleased our works making you all happy 🙂 Today we go on the year 1972.. The wailers , on a usa tour , 2 weeks to start the year, then being invited in policital events coupled with music. This is also the year...
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Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers .. 1971

today , we are running into the year 1971. important year, the wailing wailers went into a 2 weeks tour into the United States, Peter Tosh works with Joe Gibbs started to be more knows. we told you earlyer this month , that we wanted you to understand...
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Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers 1970

following yesterday post, we wants to presents to you various documents regarding this time , the year 1970. that year was important for the wailers, the barrett brothers joining the band. here’s the documents : 1970-09-19 Musical Explosion Of 1970 , The V.I.P Club , Kingston , Jamaica...
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Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers 1966

following yesterday post about 1965, we are going now by the year 1966. we wants to say thanks to U, dear readers, during this month ,at a specific day into our special Peter Tosh celebration month, we do have reached more than 9.000 readers for a single article....
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1965 Peter Tosh as Wailing Wailers

hi dear readers, we wanted to share with you, various documents, original adverts from the Kingston Gleaner 1965. Those documents are helpfull to learn more not solely about Peter Tosh but also about the Wailing Wailers carreer. here documents : 1965-03-03 Live with Lee Scratch Perry , The...
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Peter Tosh 1976 ..

Hi dear readers, While studying Peter Tosh , specifically the year 1976 , we found out that Peter Tosh was on schedules for 3 events and was at a concert in NYC. Note that the fact the performances were planned do not mean that they really took place,...
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MIDNIGHT RAVER documents new Tosh tour date!

Since launching the Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry last year, MIDNIGHT RAVER has documented more than 100 tour dates and venues that were previously undocumented in existing sources. According to this article, which was published in the September 14, 1981 edition of the Wisconsin State Journal, Tosh played...
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New Tosh Tour Date Documented!

Many thanks to Peter Tosh fan and collector Pete Hawkins who recently clued us in to a show that Peter Tosh played at The Agora in Dallas, TX on August 11th, 1981.  He even forwarded a hand bill from his collection.  
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