Book Review: Catch A Fire by Timothy White (Joe Jurgensen)

You asked for it, now Joe provides! #19 Bob Marley: Catch a Fire by Timothy White Title: Bob Marley Catch a Fire Author: Timothy White Publisher: Several but main ones are Henry Holt/Owl (U.S.) and Omnibus (UK) Year Published: 1983-Present… Continue Reading


Death Postponed: Popularity saves Bob Marley’s best friend from execution

GUNS BLAZE, SEVERAL KILLED WHILE “SKILL” COLE SWEATS IN ETHIOPIA This is the 26th in a series on close encounters with death by Jamaicans, some of whom are prominent members of the society. ALLAN ‘Skill’ Cole jumped from the proverbial… Continue Reading


Bob Marley at Cane River Falls (Photo by Lee Jaffe)

My friend and blog fan Lee Jaffe shared with me this wonderful photo of Bob washing at Cane River Falls Jamaica.  For those who do not know, Lee Jaffe was a member of The Wailers, playing harmonica on the classic… Continue Reading