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Raver’s 16 Best Reggae Albums of 2016!

Akae Beka – Portals Although there were plenty of solid releases released this year, there was only one that truly caught my ear and kept it all year.  Much of what we are getting now, even from our  favorite artists, is a brand of formulaic reggae that is...
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Akae Beka “Well Said” (2016)

Lest anyone think that Akae Beka cannot hold up to the works that Vaughn Benjamin accomplished with Midnite, I suggest you have a listen to “Well Said” from their new I-Grade collaboration project titled Portals. I have always credited I-Grade and Midnite for pushing the boundaries of modern...
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Raver Reviews: ‘Portals’ a modern roots masterpiece

Akae Beka’s new album Portals is yet another brilliant collaboration between Vaughn Benjamin and Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred of I-Grade Records. It is an album with a sound and vibe much different than Akae Beka’s 2015 debut album, which was produced by the Fifth Son crew out of New...
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