Tosh fails to impress at Rainbow shows

Here are several reviews from Tosh’s performances at the Rainbow, London in 1979 and 1981. This one, written by Robin Denselow,  was published in the Guardian on June 22, 1979. This one was published in New Musical Express on July… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh: New Orleans tour dates updated!

Based on our research, we at the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG can conclude that Peter Tosh played the New Orleans, Louisiana area a total of4 times between 1979 and 1983.  Three of these shows have never been documented in any Tosh tour dates listing and one… Continue Reading


Bunny Wailer in Musician Magazine, November 1, 1986

This article is about Bunny Wailer’s U.S. tour in 1986.  Written by Alan Di Perna, it was published in the November 1986 issue of Musician Magazine. Also included after the article are 3 stellar performances by the roots reggae “I-con”… Continue Reading


Death Postponed: Popularity saves Bob Marley’s best friend from execution

GUNS BLAZE, SEVERAL KILLED WHILE “SKILL” COLE SWEATS IN ETHIOPIA This is the 26th in a series on close encounters with death by Jamaicans, some of whom are prominent members of the society. ALLAN ‘Skill’ Cole jumped from the proverbial… Continue Reading


‘Wailers Words’ by Penny Reel (NME, June 1981)

The following Wailers compendium was compiled and written by Penny Reel.  It was published in the New Musical Express on June 6, 1981 and June 13, 1981. If you are a Wailers fan, I HIGHLY recommend you take a read of this… Continue Reading