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First of all I give thanks to all who have donated to this important cause. When I heard what happened I knew we needed to leverage this platform to help. It appears that no individual or group in Jamaica, or within the Jamaican establishment, has organized any effort...
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New RASTAFARI book essential reading for all…

I’m currently reading RASTAFARI, which is the companion book to the exhibit Rastafari at the Institute of Jamaica.  I was introduced to the exhibit while it was in residence here in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  The Smithsonian’s curator for the exhibit was an anthroplogist...
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“Not I, but the Most High in I”

READ JOE’S RECENT INTERVIEW WITH BARBARA MAKEDA BLAKE HANNAH, AUTHOR OF ‘JOSEPH A RASTA REGGAE FABLE.’   One of my favorite books is ‘Joseph A Rasta Reggae Fable’ by Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah. The third edition of the book has just been published and Barbara was kind enough to take some time...
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Bob Marley: Music Myth & The Rasta by Henderson Dalrymple

  Bob Marley: Music Myth & The Rasta by Henderson Dalrymple   Bob Marley Music Myth & The Rasta by Henderson Dalrymple 1976 77 Pages ISBN: None Size: 8.25″ x 5.75″   ADDITIONAL EDITIONS: 1977 Trinkot Verlag, Germany; 1993 Raymond Martin Verlag, Germany; 1983 Apopira Publications, Greece Although...
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Midnight Dread

I am pleased to announce that the Midnight Raver Blog has teamed with DJ and noted reggae historian and archivist Doug Wendt AKA “Midnight Dread” to share select items from his vast archive which actually predate the Rastafari and reggae movement of the 1970’s.  These items include rare...
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Rita Marley: The Story Of The Rasta Woman

IN the genesis of the Rastafari movement, the profile of the Rasta woman was in general very low-keyed. But because it is indeed a cultural movement, today’s Rasta woman has grown in visibility and status. Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/allwoman/The-story-of-the-Rasta-woman_10997495#ixzz1paw2QfNS  
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Alex Marley: Blood of a Lion

Marley.  The mere mention of the name conjures images of roots, rasta, music, peace, love, oneness, livity, dread…I could go on.  Bloodline of a lion.  A pride of lions and lionesses who now carry the legacy of a man, some would say, deity, who delivered a divine message...
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