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Ten Things You Did Not Know About Peter Tosh

CHECK MY POST AT THE BROOKLYN, NY BASED FDRMX… The TEN THINGS list is geared more toward the non-reggae fan as much of the information is known among Tosh devotees. ‘Nuff respect to friends ROGER STEFFENS and JOHN MASOURI for some of the insights.  Make sure to check...
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Arise Black Man: The Peter Tosh Story

Arise Black Man: The Peter Tosh Story was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 FM November 23, 2010. Peter Tosh found international fame alongside Bob Marley as a member of The Wailers.  As a solo artist he released several landmark reggae albums and even recorded with the Rolling...
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Peter Tosh Interview w/ Vivien Goldman, December 1978

MELODY MAKER, DECEMBER 9, 1978 Amazing, in-depth interview with our friend Vivien Goldman that was published in the December 9, 1978 issue of Melody Maker.  This is probably the most in-depth interview Peter gave, in my opinion. The photo was emailed to me by a Rolling Stones fan who...
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Roger Steffens Remembers Marley, California, 1979

To commemorate the Midnight Raver Blog reaching 100,000 site views,  my friend and friend of the blog Roger Steffens offered to share his memories of meeting and following Bob Marley up and down the west coast during the unforgettable summer of 1979: “In our book, Bob Marley: Spirit...
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Peter Tosh: He’s The Toughest

This will probably be the most personal and honest post I’ve ever written, so it won’t be easy.  I’ve gotten tons of requests to do a Peter Tosh write-up.  For many, there are those few artists that evoke so much emotion that they find it hard to listen...
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