Ras Kush: Sound of Brooklyn (2010 Interview)

Ras Kush: Sound of Brooklyn
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Ras Kush is one of the foremost ambassadors for the UK dub style in the USA, as a sound man, producer and architect of the Black Redemption record label. We first met in 1999; he was working in Jammyland, then the Lower East Side’s foremost reggae store, and I was doing a spot of crate digging. We got chatting about dub and sound systems and we’ve been conversing and collaborating ever since. He’s always been a mine of knowledge, so the other day I took advantage of his visit to Berlin to ask him to reminisce at greater length. We sat down with some black bean stew and a pot of cerasee and got chatting. Here’s the transcript: a feast of information concerning his musical background and development, hip hop and reggae in 1980s Brooklyn, drumming patterns and their relation to ritual, his encounters with Wackie’s and UK dub, the evolution of the Black Redemption sound system and label, and many other matters.
Once you’ve digested that, as a bonus, you get his recent Wax Treatment session: an intense two hours of dubplate pressure, recorded in Berlin on 28 Feb. 2010.

Twilight Circus Sound System ‘Deeper Roots”

Clearly the best vocals and dub album I’ve heard in a longtime…Nobody can duplicate this sound.  Pure and authentic roots, rockers, and dub.  You must cop this record!

(Full WAV!) http://www.beatport.com/release/deepe…



Twilight Circus Sound System: Remixed Dubwise (Full Album)

Another outstanding compilation from Ryan Moore at TWILIGHT CIRCUS SOUND SYSTEM.  HE BRINGS THE HEAVY ONCE AGAIN.  No one can duplicate this sound.


Wailers, King Tubby Play National Arena, Kingston, JA, 1975

Unbeknownst to me, legendary King Tubby’s Sound System opened for The Wailers at National Arena on September 26, 1975.  According to journalist Carl Gayle of Black Music news, Tubby played until 6 a.m. the following morning, reclaiming his title of ‘King Tubby,’ which had recently been challenged by several other sound systems.

This show was previously dated as ‘August 29, 1975, however, based on Gayle’s announcement, it is clear that the National Arena show occurred on September 26, 1975.

Here is what Tubby’s Hi-Fi might have sounded like (take heed, this audio is rough.  Hey, it’s as old as I am).

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/44190602″ iframe=”true” /]

You can DOWNLOAD an ass-ton of classic 70’s Hi-Fi at WhoCorkTheDance.com, an absolutely impressive and crucial archive.

King Tubby’s Studio 18 Dromilly Ave Waterhouse JA.