Bob Marley Conquers Boston – Amandla 1979

  The Amandla Festival of Unity was a world music festival held at Harvard Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 21, 1979. The festival was held in an effort to support and celebrate the liberation of South Africa and the on-going efforts of… Continue Reading


Greatest Mandela Tribute Tunes?

Many thanks to MIDNIGHT RAVER’s Peter Van Arnhem for sending me this list of the greatest reggae tunes with Nelson Mandela in the title.  The list was compiled by www.reggae.be. Reggae artists were an integral part of the awareness campaign… Continue Reading


Nkulee Dube: “In South Africa, A Reggae Legacy Lives On” (NPR Interview)

Reggae, of course, was born in Jamaica, but the music has deep connections to what many Jamaicans consider the motherland – Africa. South African artist Lucky Dube was the continent’s all-time bestselling reggae singer. When he was murdered during a carjacking in… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh in the Frank Talk Newsletters

Frank Talk was a political journal founded in 1984 in South Africa, and arising out of the student-led anti-apartheid movement of the 1970s and 80s. Originally the pseudonym under which Steve Biko wrote several articles as the Publications Director of… Continue Reading