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Bob Marley interview, Jahugliman, 1980

Included here we have a fascinating September 1980 interview with Bob Marley by music journalist and Marley biographer Stephen Davis. A portion of the interview was originally published in Carl Gayle’s Jahugliman zine.
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Joe’s Reggae Books

Joe Jurgensen is a lifelong Wailers and reggae fan, lover and collector. Within his collection of Wailers memorabilia, Joe has amassed an almost complete library or rather truthbrary of Bob Marley books. In 2009 after years of compiling Marley books, he published, ‘Bob Marley: The Complete Annotated Bibliography.’...
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SEECO Speaks plus Kaya Tour Rehearsal Sessions, Miami 1978

I have re-upped the Kaya Tour Rehearsal Sessions, Miami 1978!  The original post featured this rare interview that Roger Steffens conducted with Alvin “Seeco” Patterson at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, 1991. Long before The Wailers started recording, percussionist Alvin “Seeco” Patterson was one of the primary musical tutors...
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Bob Marley: The Black Prince of Reggae

The following article is from the New York Times press archives.  Written by noted Marley reggae biographer Stephen Davis and published on November 30, 1975, the article describes the emerging global phenomenon of reggae music and Marley’s place in the movement. I have also included an interview with Marley...
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