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Stranger Cole “Capture Land” (Tamu)

Stranger Cole already had a career’s worth of recordings under his belt when he arrived in Canada in 1974. The first tunes he began laying down in Canada teamed him with musician/engineers John Forbes and Alex King, who would appear on his first Canadian-produced LP Forward in The...
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The Original “Sleepy” Wonder

Horace “Sleepy” Andy singing classic lovers rock Here are a couple of classic Horace Andy lovers tunes from my 7″ vinyl collection.  The first is a tune called “Where Is The Love” pressed on a Bunny “Striker” Lee blank.  The second is a beautiful tune called “World In...
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Glory Dominion Power Majesty (Half Moon 2xLP, Comp)

If you have not had the rare opportunity to listen to ‘Glory Dominion Power Majesty,’ then you are missing a near-religious experience.  If a better roots reggae compilation album exists, I have not listened to it.  The music contained on this double-LP is “roots to the marrow.” A...
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