Cool Up July’s Musical Heatwave with the ongoing Reggae MD Listening Party

This conscious reggae signal never ends. Reggae MD’s good for you monthly world-wide, your guide, massive Reggae Music Listening Party occupied all time zones July 19th from Noon-4pm Hawaiian Time, 3-7pm Pacific, 4-8pm Mountain, 5-9pm Central & 6-10pm Eastern Time,… Continue Reading


Summer Arrives with Midnight Dread’s Reggae MD Global Listening Party

“Smiling Children” in Jamaica painting by Deeling Gregory This signal never ends. Tune in now. My monthly interactive world-wide, your guide, massive & mighty Reggae Music Listening Party specially occupied all time zones Saturday June 21st, from Noon-5pm Hawaiian Time,… Continue Reading


Congos on a Saturday morning…

Start your weekend off right… Congos “Food For The Rainy Day” (Congo Ashanty) Congos “At The Feast” 12″ (Congo Ashanty) Congos “Reggae Revival” (Congo Ashanty) Congos “Music Maker” (Congo Ashanty) Cedric Myton & Congos “Can’t Take It Away” 12″ (Go… Continue Reading


Reggae MD, Good For You

Now ear this. A new full-time full up stream for Midnight & All-Day Ravers: After many months, & special tests Doug Wendt presents a special tonic & degree,
 Extra something guaranteed, recipe balanced carefully, FDA I-proved, Reggae MD Vital vinyl,… Continue Reading


Cedric Myton Live, Teresina, Brasil, 2013

A scorching set from Cedric Myton backed by the Capitol Roots band. The show was recorded live in Teresina, Brasil, 2013. Cedric sings tunes exclusively from the ‘Face The Music‘ album , which must be the most under-rated reggae album… Continue Reading


Rasta, Lollipops, & Psychedelic Rockers Midnight Dread KTIM California Part One January 18th-19th, 1981

The night “Rockers Arena” bats lead, Bunny Sings The Wailers debuts, Derrick’s lengthy “Lollipop Girl” unreels, Robbie & Mao “Hold Me Tight” like nobody’s business, Rockers get traces, and importantly The Rastafarians new debut album is ready and they are… Continue Reading


Cedric Congo Meets Mad Professor (2013) Ariwa Sounds

What was my reaction when I found out that Cedric Myton was collaborating on an album with Mad Professor?  ECSTATIC! When I found out that Cedric would be singing original vocals over some of the most noteworthy reggae riddims I… Continue Reading