Please take a look at this in-depth analysis and review of the new “MARLEY” 2012 film.

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Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley was and still is an international superstar. His death in 1981 cut his life and monumental career short but his music lives on and his popularity has grown exponentially. Not only did he leave 11 confirmed children behind, he left the legacy of bringing reggae music into the international spotlight. Bob Marley promoted the growth of the Rastafarian religion, that was before the 70′s, only known on his tiny island of Jamaica. His spirit has resonated through many cultures, generations and even armed conflict. All who love his music have their own reasons for identifying with the man; some feel his music is a universal truth and to others his music incites a sense of self-determination. Up until this point, the most detailed account of Bob Marley’s life has been chronicled through the eyes of Rita (his wife) in her book: No Woman No Cry and…

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