Dub Rockers Vol. 1 – Various Artists (VP)

VP Records and Vans are proud to announce the release of Dub Rockers Volume 1, a groundbreaking compilation that combines Jamaica’s top artists with popular U.S. and Euro-based reggae acts. The 10-track collection, set to be released August 27 on… Continue Reading


DocJah’s Wailers Shockers: “Lock Jaw”/”My Desire”

Just yesterday, I received in the mail a collection of 30 rare reggae 7″s from our good friend DocJah.  Doc came to me with the idea that he had a bunch of these Wailers-related “shockers” (rarities that relate in some… Continue Reading


Yabby You ‘Beware Dub’ (Vivian Jackson)

Here we have another outstanding effort from the great Vivian Jackson AKA “Yabby You.”  The album was released in 1978 and then re-issued twice:  once in 1991 on the ROIR label, and again in 1992 on Randall Grass’s Shanachie label.… Continue Reading


This is a test! Only a test! plus photos of a young Bob Marley

In anticipation of the MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG’s millenial (1000th post), we are exploring new themes that may be more user friendly.  For the next several days, we will be using the current theme.  Please comment to this post about what you like and/or… Continue Reading


Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence” 7-inch Original Press Vinyl (Solomonic) 1976

Included here is something special.  Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence” (Solomonic) 1976 7″ original press vinyl 45rpm.  Most will know this tune as “Fighting Against Conviction” from the Blackheart Man album, which many consider to be the greatest reggae album ever pressed. … Continue Reading


Pick of the Week: Yabba Youth ‘Chant Down Babylon Kingdom’

1. Yabba Youth – Walls Of Jerusalem/Jerusalem In Dub 2. Yabba Youth – Chant Down Babylon Kingdom/Historians Dub 3. Yabba Youth – See Them A Walk/Theodore Dub 4. Yabba Youth – King Pharoah/Ainash Nubia Dub 5. Yabba Youth – Sufferation/Shimezana Region In… Continue Reading


“Don’t Watch My Size” & “Walking Razor” by Phil Pratt w/ Revolutionaries

One of the things we try to do here is expose our readers to classic roots reggae and dub that is rare, harder to access, or maybe something you haven’t heard in 25 years. “Dial M For Murder ~ In… Continue Reading


“Anti-Apartheid”/”Solidarity” Bunny Wailer (Peter Tosh on melodica) 1975

“Anti-Apartheid” is a tune recorded in the summer of 1975 as part of the ‘Solomonic Reggae Star Peter Tosh’ project.  Produced by Bunny Wailer and recorded at Aquarius by Karl Pitterson, this tune features the almost impossible talents of Peter… Continue Reading


Clive Chin’s Lost Archives of 17 N. Parade

In an unprecedented event in reggae recording history, internationally known reggae producer Clive Chin unveiled his rare archive of previously unknown and unreleased recordings by many of reggae’s greatest stars during the heyday of Ska and Early Reggae, virtually unheard… Continue Reading