Rare Peter Tosh Interview, Summer 1981

Here is a very rare print interview with Peter Tosh which appeared in the summer 1981 issue of the Canadian reggae rag CHEER.  Tosh speaks with Daniel Caudeiron while in Toronto to perform in 1980.  Tosh discusses his reasons for… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh Re-Ups! plus rare interview, Melody Maker, 1983

Marley and Tosh Reunite To Burn Down Burbank Bush Doctor: Peter Tosh at the Jamaica World Music Festival, 1982 Bob Marley and the Wailers: Paul’s Mall, Boston, 1973 Peter Tosh, Live at Convocation Hall, Toronto, ON 1979 Peter Tosh: Reggae Sunsplash III, July 2-5,… Continue Reading


Willi Williams & the Armageddons “Dungeon” / “Version”

Crucial cut and version from one of the finest roots reggae albums ever pressed, Willi Williams ‘Messenger Man.’  This is what reggae should sound like. ‘Messenger Man’ was such a landmark album that Blood & Fire decided to remaster it… Continue Reading


Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry Update

Based on our research, and with the help of a few friends, the Peter Tosh Tour Date Registry has confirmed and registered the following tour dates, which were previously undocumented.  Please contact us at midnightraverblog@gmail.com if you know of a date… Continue Reading


More Tosh tour dates

And the Tosh tour dates jus’ a come… March 2, 1979  Center Stage  Canton  MI  USA  September 18, 1981 Hill Auditorium  Ann Arbor  MI  USA September 19, 1981 Royal Oak Music Theater  Royal Oak  MI  USA  September 14, 1982 Premier… Continue Reading


Bob Marley: Then and Now

Today I leave you with an article written by Garry Steckles and published in the Toronto Star on February 6, 2011.  I have also included video of the interview referenced within the article.  The interview was conducted by news reporter… Continue Reading