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Black Uhuru Demos, Unreleased Tracks

Here is a real treat for all Black Uhuru fans.  Needless to say, Black Uhuru own the heavyweight title in reggae post-1981.  Brutal, produced by Doctor Dread and recorded primarily in 1985 in Jamaica (some tracks were reworked and mixed by Jim Fox in Washington, DC) was the...
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Junior Marvin’s first jam session with Bob Marley

The date was February 14, 1977.  Valentines Day.  Junior Marvin is introduced to Bob Marley at a London flat.  Here is a rare recording of their first few minutes jamming on “Waiting In Vain.”  Bob Marley on vocal and acoustic guitar.  Junior Marvin on lead guitar.  Tyrone Downie...
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MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Bob Marley Singles Vinyl Megamix

For your weekend soundtrack I threw together only the finest selections of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ singles from the vinyl catalog.  Set starts off with my favorite BMW tune “So Much Trouble In The World” with Tyrone Downie murdering the keys.  The set closes with a tune...
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Bob Marley: Rudebwoy

One of my favorite photos of an artist that is now bigger than The Beatles.  The most recognizable face on the planet.  We see him here as just another street kid, struggling for his next meal, taking one to the head.  Surrounding him, a crew that would make any...
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Bunny Wailer ‘Blackheart Man’ (Jamaican Mix) 1976

Bunny Wailer’s 1976 masterpiece ‘Black heart Man’ is simply one of the greatest reggae recordings ever.  It is, for all intents and purposes, a Wailers album with Bunny on lead, featuring Carlton Barrett on drums, Family Man on bass, Tyrone Downie on organ/keys, Neville Garrick on percussion, Karl Pitterson on acoustic...
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Family Man talks new music and hints at reunion

The Wailers’ tour made its way through the Washington, D.C. area on August 12, 2012 when they played the historic State Theater in Falls Church, VA. Fortunately, on a night when both Don Carlos and The Wailers were in Washington, D.C., I had the opportunity to speak with...
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“Growing Dread: KC, The Wailers, and Me” by Mark Lee

The following essay by Mark Lee was published on May 11, 2011 at www.abengnews.com, a weekly online publication which showcases features, news analysis, commentary and the arts from a growing global network of correspondents, with a decidedly Caribbean/Jamaican flavor.  The essay, titled “Growing Dread:  KC, The Wailers, and...
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