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Raver’s Top Ten Midnite albums

A reader recently emailed me and asked what were my favorite Midnite albums. I had never really thought about it like that before.  However, first allow me to explain why I livicate so much blog space to Midnite/Akae Beka.  When Midnite first emerged on the scene in Washington,...
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Raver Reviews: ‘Portals’ a modern roots masterpiece

Akae Beka’s new album Portals is yet another brilliant collaboration between Vaughn Benjamin and Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred of I-Grade Records. It is an album with a sound and vibe much different than Akae Beka’s 2015 debut album, which was produced by the Fifth Son crew out of New...
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Raver Reviews: Midnite ‘Unpolished’

Midnite Unpolished Upon it’s second release in 2001 on the Rastafaria label (it was originally released in Namibia, Africa in December 1997), reggae critics and album reviewers the world over recognized this album as one of the best reggae albums ever made.  The popular and credible Reggae Reviews...
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