Volcano Sound vinyl singles

Included here are several vinyl selections from Junjo Lawes’ Volcano Sound label. First up is Johnny Osbourne’s “Ice Cream Love.”  Be sure to check Scoth Bonnet’s recent recut and the killer deejay version “No Water Down Ting.” Up next we… Continue Reading


Ten Things You Did Not Know About Barrington Levy

Levy suffered severe physical abuse from his deeply religious father. The beatings become so unbearable that he runs away from home at age 9 and never returns. He is raised on the streets, sometimes by an aunt, and sometimes by… Continue Reading


“Rasta Have The Handle”

Here are several deep tunes from Hugh Mundell recorded after his break with Augustus Pablo.  “Rasta Have The Handle” and “Going Places” feature production by Henry “Junjo” Lawes and riddims by the Roots Radics.  Scientist on the mix of course…… Continue Reading


‘I Hold The Handle!’ Barrington Levy in Fine Style (A Midnight Raver Mix)

A scorching mix of my selections of Barrington Levy’s finer tracks. You will never hear these on the radio. You will never hear him perform these live. These are the forgotten gems, murderous musings from the man who kept reggae… Continue Reading


Earl Zero interviewed on Midnight Dread #23 KTIM Dolby FM June 9th, 1980

The week that KTIM first began broadcasting in Dolby FM master roots JA singer Earl Zero was in the San Francisco Bay Area for a series of shows & dropped by the radio station studios for this live interview in… Continue Reading


‘Reggae Inna Dancehall Style’: A Conversation with Pekka Vuorinen

As we rock on, moving closer and closer to post #1000, it is my pleasure to share an interview that I held back just for this week.  A few weeks back I posted my personal copy of ‘Reggae Inna Dancehall Style,‘… Continue Reading


Barrington Levy & Hugh Mundell Live at Volcano SS Constant Springs, JA

What a piece of history this one!  Must be ’82/early ’83.  Barrington Levy sings “Murderer” and the great Hugh Mundell follows with his own roots – Revelation style “Great Tribulation.”  Need I say more?  Every piece of tape out there in… Continue Reading