Raver Reviews: Zion I Kings ‘Dub In Style’ (Lustre Kings)

The most innovative and prolific production collective in reggae has just released what is perhaps the year’s best dub album. Zion I Kings’ Dub In Style is an eleven track dub album livicated to the memory of Lincoln “Style” Scott,… Continue Reading


Raver Reviews: ‘Portals’ a modern roots masterpiece

Akae Beka’s new album Portals is yet another brilliant collaboration between Vaughn Benjamin and Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred of I-Grade Records. It is an album with a sound and vibe much different than Akae Beka’s 2015 debut album, which was produced… Continue Reading


From Zion High to Zion I Kings: The Evolution of King David

jah d

As co-founding member of Zion High Productions and bassist for Zion I Kings, David “Jah D” Goldfine is one of modern roots’ most ardent and respected torch-bearers. Along with I Grade Records and Lustre Kings, Zion High has been the… Continue Reading